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houses one crowdauction at a time.

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What we do


Levelling the playing field

We envision a property market with no chains, no ladders, no risky dependencies. No buyers’ market. No sellers’ market.

We champion the community, putting people first with property transactions governed by our simple, innovative, reward crowdfunding process; crowdauctions

These enable us to guarantee a property sale within a predetermined time frame; our users simply buy and sell property at reserve price, all at the click of a button.


How housestake works

Launching Q2 2021
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    To participate in a crowdauction, you will need to be at least 18 years old and a UK resident. Once you have registered your details with us and joined our crowdauction community, you can enter a crowdauction for a property, paying as you go.

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    Pre-Approved Properties

    All our properties will have undergone a comprehensive but straightforward onboarding process. We use a fair and transparent valuation service to determine a property’s reserve price and collect all relevant information such as deeds and property surveys before approving a property for crowdauction.

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    Opening It Up To The Market

    Once sellers agree to this reserve price and all property checks are complete, we open up the crowdauction to our user community as well as advertising on the major UK property portals.

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    The New Home Owner

    Once the crowdauction period is over, we use a proprietary method to select one of the crowdauction participants as the property’s new owner.

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    Fast Processing

    The seller receives all of the reserve price and, as we collect property details, deeds and surveyor information as part of our on-boarding, once a crowdauction is over the sale process completes rapidly.

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    Stress-Free Transactions

    The new owner can enjoy their home debt free. The seller can enjoy a highly flexible and stress free selling process.


What's in it for me?

We know both buyers and sellers are price and time sensitive. We know that in a person’s lifetime their most expensive purchase will probably be a home. We know that the process is fraught with problems,  frustrations, value judgements and unknowns. We’ve all heard of buyers’ or sellers’ markets, but what if we can all get a good deal?

At housestake, we are reimagining buying and selling.

Our focus is on improving the efficiency of value exchange in the residential property market. 

Our approach shifts traditionally illiquid bricks and mortar assets into highly liquid and flexible investments.

No longer will people feel trapped in a place they have outgrown or by a mortgage they cannot afford.

Sellers can enjoy the security of owning their own home but with the kind of flexibility currently associated with renting.

Buyers can own a home and not be limited by mortgage requirements or repayments.

Regulated & Insured

Buy Better. Sell Bettor.

As we are underwritten by insurers, all crowdauctions reach reserve price within a guaranteed time. There are no delays, no deferrals. When a crowdauction is closed, the property is sold.

Our remote betting license from the UK Gambling Commission means we put users first, ensuring no-one speculates too much, too quickly.

Being licensed means we are able to effectively crowdfund a property sale and grow housestake into a viable buying and selling option for homeowners and seekers across the country.